Managed Rail Shipping Solutions

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Why Commtrex?

Our dedicated logistics team leverages best-in-class technology and rail experience to effectively manage the lifecycle of every rail shipment for shippers.

  • Expansive Network
  • Strategic & Tactical
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Continuous Improvement
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Our Managed Rail Shipping Solutions Include:

Rate Optimization & Management
Ensure that you have the most competitive rates negotiated.

  • Analysis of rates and routes for current and future traffic.
  • Exploration of cost reduction strategies including private rate agreements & Rule 11 pricing.

Railcar Billing & Processing
Seamless movement of cars starts with accurate billing information.

  • Waybill pattern creation and management.
  • Creation, submission, and verification of outbound BOL transmissions to Class I & Short Line Railroads.
  • Coordination with local operations and subscribing carriers to facilitate switching requests, empty releases, and yard optimization.

In Transit Monitoring & Exception Management
Lean on our team to fix the issues before they become problems.

  • Proactively identify non-movement, bad orders, demurrage, and misroutes and pursue rapid resolution.
  • Monitor for excessive dwell times and investigate cause.
  • Manage the entire problem-resolution process across all railroads.
  • Provide ongoing collaboration and communication to keep you informed.

Shipment Visibility & Pipeline Reporting
Eliminate the blind spots of loads and empties across all railroads.

  • Customized reports and dashboards
  • Dynamic ETAs for inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Geocoding and real-time shipment notifications.

Rail Invoice Audits & Settlement
Streamlined the freight accruals and invoice capture process.

  • Carrier invoice audits via EDI 410 transfers.
  • Validate all incurred demurrage and accessorial charges.
  • Submit disputes timely and with proper documentation.
  • Provide end-of-month cost analysis and reports.

Business Intelligence, Analytics, & Advanced Insights
Find opportunities to reduce costs and improve operations.

  • Analyze key reporting metrics including cycle, transit, and dwell times.
  • Examine outliers and correlation among trends.
  • Evaluate fleet utilization.